Author: Angela White

I published my first book in elementary-Mystery of the Missing Tabby. The school library still has it, as far as I know. That was my first real work, and writing became priceless to me over the next years. In Jr. High, I had a teacher tell our class that none of us could match the classic authors that we would be studying. We weren’t good enough. I took that to heart and turned in an A- paper with a rookie mistake that prevented me from getting the respect I wanted from that lady. I hated it that she was right.

I still do. I also adore her for waking my brain to the possibility that someday I could be as good as one of the iconic writers that helped frame the world of literature. I’ll never know if she did it intentionally or if she was just stating a fact, but it worked for me. I’ve never wanted to do anything else. Thanks to that drive, the fire she finished waking, I now live off my writing and run my own publishing company. I have more than a dozen novels out and thousands of fans. I have a long way to go before future children study me in schools, but I’m still just as hot for it now as I was in that stuffy, musty classroom in 7th grade.

So, that’s who I am. I am building, and living, the American dream. Who are you and what have you done?

That’s a hard question to answer if you’re still trying to get there. I understand. Here’s some free advice: Follow your dreams, even when the world says it’s crazy. Sometimes, you’ll find a life that satisfies you more than you ever thought was possible and it has nothing to do with cash or fame. Chase that, starting right now, and the next time someone asks who you are; tell them you’re an immovable force, a wild dreamer, a hopeful comet shooting toward the goals that orbit your existence. And then lift your chin. There aren’t many of us left who want to be good at what we do. Everyone else just wants that green shit.

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Life After War: Books 1-3

Life After War: Books 1-3

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